When will the Republicans stop this craziness? The answer is not until Mitch McConnell and his clan get what they want: a one-party nation.

Months after the election, they are still talking voter fraud and how Biden stole the election, but what they are saying Biden did is exactly the thing that they are doing now by imposing stricter voting laws.They will do everything possible to steal the next election and to block everything the current administration tries to pass.

I guess when you think the mob who stormed the Capitol were good people, you are capable of doing anything. The path we are heading down is so scary that the thought of one party in this country will be like living in Russia — what a nightmare that is.

Former president Trump's hold on the GOP is the most puzzling aspect of all of this. Republicans banded together to block an independent investigation of the Capitol riot, shielding Trump from additional scrutiny of one of the darkest days of his administration. We have to face the facts that Republicans — obviously with exceptions — have become a authoritarian party. It’s impossible to sustain a democracy in a two-party system when one of the parties is not willing to play by the rules of the game.

Our election system has worked for more than 200 years. We rely a lot on local officials at election time, and if one party decides not to behave, we are in serious trouble. It’s a very dangerous moment for our democracy.

James CherozziNew Castle

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