The Memorial Day front page News story “House panel Oks bills to thwart gun control efforts” by John Finnerty triggers all sorts of thoughts on the subject. Maybe it is time to revert to the ways of the old wild west. The U.S. Constitution is clear “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Yet storefront after storefront, post offices, schools post prohibitions against firearms being permitted on the premises.

Who is kidding who? Those signs don’t stop those entering those doors from going on a killing rampage armed with weapons! State Rep. Aaron Bernstine at pag. A2 in commenting on proposed permitless concealed carry legislation: “That his legislation would eliminate a requirement that serves no purpose since only law-abiding citizens bother getting a permit.”

I somewhat agree, but how many times are unlawful acts committed with killers having lawful concealed weapon permits? Yet in the early days of our country, weapons were worn on our sides and available for protection and self-defense.

Today it seems like an everyday occurrence, helpless victims being shot at and killed when, if only someone inside or if all were in possession of a weapon, the monster killer may think twice before proceeding and, if not, just maybe lives would be saved if just one individual fires one off that stops the killer, or even eliminates the perpetrator off the planet.

The public just doesn’t need to be saddled with the nonstop due process concerns of an alleged perpetrator of a crime waiting years before a trial ever occurs or, worse yet, a plea bargain agreement that fails to provide the full penalties of the law due to proof issues.

God bless the innocent victims and their families…

Harry A. Flannery

New Castle

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