I read that 28 trans and gender nonconforming people have been killed thus far in 2021, and 44 were killed in 2020.

Then I thought, the number of girls and women killed for being females is much higher. Many are physically and sexually assaulted and murdered every year.

They are targeted for being biologically females in families, cultures, religions, etc. where males believe and insist they have the right to abuse and kill those who are different from themselves, even, ironically, if they imagine themselves to be heterosexuals.

Girls and women are frequently told they deserve to be criticized, penalized, threatened, persecuted, raped and/or murdered because they aren’t boys or men. From birth to centenarians, females are taught and reminded they aren’t valued, accepted, respected or safe because of their looks, bodies, parts, sex, gender, because of the attitudes and malice of misogynous male relatives, acquaintances and strangers, among them authority figures.

Goldie L. Hockenberry

New Castle

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