Editor, The News:

People have been repeatedly getting automated messages stating they are about “your credit card.”

Those who answer these calls are told to press 1 to lower their interest rate.

No name is mentioned as to who makes these calls or a specific credit card. These calls have been received on Sundays, by persons who have no credit cards, and people who are and recently re-registered on the “Do Not Call” list.

I recently reported this to the phone company, the bureau of consumer protection/office of the Pennsylvania attorney general, and the Federal Trade Commission. I was told by people and recorded statements that nothing can be done because no name is given by whoever makes these (nuisance and questionable) calls, and no legitimate phone number is used by the scammer.

People should be wary of these types of calls, as whoever makes them seems to be trying to get people’s names, credit card numbers and other important information, and will probably use such illegally.

The phone company, the attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission have indicated they can’t stop this inappropriate practice. Therefore it is up to people to protect themselves from those who use the above-mentioned method to obtain others’ personal information in order that they — con artists and crooks — can victimized unsuspecting persons who answer deceptive, albeit purposeful questions by providing their name, address, credit card number(s), date of birth, etc., by committing identity theft and other crimes while using acquired names and information innocently and foolishly given over the phone.

It also, unfortunately, appears that professionals, experts and authorities aren’t able to stop persons of ill repute from hacking into and infecting with viruses personal, business and government computers, costing their owners and others a lot, financially and otherwise.

Goldie L. Hockenberry

New Castle

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