President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that targets people who work for companies that hire more than 100 employees makes no sense.

Why large companies and not small? Why the employed and not the unemployed? Why not Uber drivers who share a close space with strangers?

Why working citizens and not illegal immigrants who cross an open border? Why those who have natural immunity and who possess anti-bodies from a previous COVID-19 infection?

Why is he making such a big deal about a vaccine which, by admission of the pharmaceutical companies who made the vaccine, does not prevent the disease?

To me, his hard line on this mandate that targets people who work for large companies and may cause them to lose their jobs is unjust, unfounded, lacks logic and does in fact seem sinister.

No wonder people are so reluctant and/or scared to take the jab.

I support the right of people to think freely about their health care options, to talk it over with their doctor and to question the premise of this fanatical mandate.

Timothy Erson

New Wilmington

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