Well, here we go again.

Every time a Democrat is in the White House, these goofy conspiracy theories (mostly on the internet) of how the government is infringing on the Second Amendment and taking guns pop up. I’m referring to the letter of Feb. 11 and the supposed “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act.”

“Sabika Sheikh”? Really?

In my opinion, it sounds like a phony Islamic name; if so, just to foment more hatred of Muslims.

Most of the statements in this letter that are claimed to be in this legislation seem too illogical and bizarre to be credible.

One line reads, “The owner of any firearm must transmit to the ATF the make, model and serial number of each firearm.” Uh, how in the heck does the ATF know what guns you have (if any) in your residence? Is every sheriff in America going to be ordered to issue search warrants on the millions of private homes to compile a gun inventory? That would be stopped by the courts in a heartbeat. Law enforcement can’t serve search warrants unless there is probable cause that a person is concealing evidence of a crime or something else illegal.

Seriously, does anyone think the U.S. attorney general has the time, personnel and funding to “maintain a database of all firearms” that’s alleged to be a part of this bill? Considering there are more than 3 million guns in America, of which thousands are bought and sold every day, imagine the nightmare of tracking who has what gun and what gun is where. It’s just absurd.

Even more nutty is the assertion that “to obtain a firearm an individual must undergo a psychological examination by a psychologist approved by the attorney general and would include evaluation of other members of the individual’s household.” Come on — there aren’t enough psychologists in the entire world to screen all gun buyers, let alone all their family members.

And gun owners “proving they purchase an $800 insurance policy yearly”? So who would enforce it? How?

Robert Zbegan

Shenango Township

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