“It’s never ever, ever, been a good bet to bet against America — and it still isn’t.” – President Joe Biden

For a long time, it’s been a safe bet that our country will overcome any obstacle thrown at it. That American might, ingenuity, character, and exceptionalism will win out.

Now, the GOP is betting against America. How? Here’s what Republicans – including our Congressman Mike Kelly — are betting on:

•That we don’t see the very real danger to our democracy. That we won’t challenge the blatant attempts by the Right to undermine it — via the Big Lie and its accompanying efforts at voter suppression and election rigging.

•That we possess such a fear and hatred for “the other” — people that don’t look like us, pray like us, or love like us — that we’ll fall for their trumped-up culture wars designed to convince a significant number of white people to vote for the GOP and against their best interests.

•That we believe our children would be better off learning a sanitized version of history. That educating them on the real story of race relations is somehow an affront to the white race.

•That we would accept without question their conspiracy theories, distortions, gaslighting, and blatant lies. That we’d be OK with their uncivility, boorish behavior, insults, name calling, and mean-spirited foolishness as a substitute for actual facts and policy.

That’s the Republicans’ bet. Will they win it?

Let’s hope not, because if they win, then our country loses.

Rick Elia

Union Township

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