Few people would argue for the military to stay in Afghanistan. But Biden’s plan for withdrawal was a disaster. He and his military experts created a catastrophe with huge blunders. Biden knew in June the Taliban was advancing, that the fall of the country was imminent.

The evacuation should have begun in May or June, not August. And you certainly don’t pull the troops until all civilians are out, any moron knows that. When he did get information of the imminent security threats, he failed to react.

The Left’s argument that President Trump set the timeline is total hogwash. Trump’s plan was condition-based and if the Taliban failed to comply on any condition, the plan was null and void.

Sadly, Biden’s motivation was strictly political to stand in front of the American people on national TV on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and take credit for getting the country out of the 20-year war.

But his political wishes have backfired on him and the Democrats creating a definite red wave in November 2022. The blood of our 13 service members as well as the American and Afghan hostages that he abandoned in Afghanistan is on his hands. He lied repeatedly that no one would be left behind.

The incompetence and ineptitude of these people is remarkable and stunning, but the most stunning part is no one lost their job.

Biden said at a recent news conference he is responsible — the buck stops with him. Either Congress ditches Biden using the 25th amendment, he resigns along with his Cabinet members or impeachment procedures begin in the House.

There is no other way out of this.

Philip J. Granato

Shenango Township

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