President Biden made a gutsy and brave call when he decided to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Neither Bush Jr., Obama or Trump had the fortitude to make that call and all had to know that to continue this lost war was a waste of American lives and dollars.

Predictably the political pundits are criticizing his decision knowing that many Americans never read a history book. Biden realized that American values are not universal, especially religious fundamentalist societies who are impervious to our ideals of democracy and freedom.

Afghanistan, due to its religious dogma is stagnated in a middle ages society where change from an outside military force is all but impossible.

If you don’t believe that, ask the British (twice) and the Russians. Critics say it’s a messy withdrawal, leaving allied Afghans and equipment behind. All withdrawals are messy.

Go back as far as your military history permits and point out to me one example when a country withdraws its military from a war it cannot win and does not leave behind allied people and equipment.

It is hard for Americans to accept that we lost in Afghanistan.

Yet, the hard facts are that we had two objectives in Afghanistan — to bring Osama bin Laden to justice and dismantle the Taliban government who harbors him.

Today, the Taliban controls the country and Osama bin Laden fled to our supposed ally Pakistan — who then harbored him. Thankfully, we know have a president who understands the Middle East is the graveyard of empires and regime change through military means are long gone.

Mark Elisco

New Castle

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