After recently retiring from 35 years as a law enforcement officer at the federal and state levels, just a few comments on policing in America today and the vilification of law enforcement officers by many in the media, certain politicians and other groups.

Children were once taught to respect and obey a police officer as they were there to protect and help us, and if stopped, to listen and follow their orders. Unfortunately, our youth aren’t taught that today.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of men and women put on a uniform with every intent to protect and serve their public, regardless of color or creed. Their daily jobs are more difficult than most any politician, reporter or sports celebrity will ever know.

It is every one of those officers who do their best in the most difficult situations that make up the Thin Blue Line. They are the sheep dogs that protect the sheep (you) from the wolves in our society. Hundreds are killed annually in the line of duty, yet nobody shouts their names or protests for them.

Like any profession, of course, there are bad cops, and ones who make poor decisions. It is up to their chief, commissioner or district attorney to handle them. Most departments and officers receive more and better training today than ever, which also takes time and money. Any “reform” must be done at the local level, not forced by the federal government.

Thus, the idea of “defunding,” which some politicians are proposing, is nonsensical and will only make matters worse.

The results of these proposals, as well as the liberal policies of releasing dangerous criminals back on the streets, is evident by the skyrocketing crime rate in our country this year, and the criminals will continue to be emboldened until these policies are reversed.

It is only our support and maintenance of that Thin Blue Line that will keep the wolves from your door.

 Mark Allegro

Neshannock Township

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