The newly formed Lawrence County Patriots has been credited with the election of the new chair of the Lawrence County Republican Party, Lynne Ryan. Lawrence County Patriots is not affiliated with the Patriot Party of Pennsylvania.

It is a grassroots group formed to encourage civic engagement and government transparency. It was spearheaded by Virginia Zinza and assisted by Sherry Patton.

Many Patriot members are registered Republicans who are working within the County Republican Committee to promote conservative values and constitutional governance. Upwards of fifteen from the group were elected to the County Republican Committee in the May primary. Several past committee members share these values and have participated in Patriot events.

The values statement of the Lawrence County Patriots is as follows: “We hope to restore a government where the elected officials communicate openly and often with constituents, base their decisions on the will of the people, and use the Constitution as their guidepost, thereby preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for future generations.”

The Lawrence County Patriots sponsor town halls and events where candidates for office and current elected officials can connect with the local community.

Their first town hall meeting was held in March at the Crane Room with Dr. Rick Saccone speaking and past County Committee Chairman, Gale Measel, encouraging the guests to become involved in the Republican Committee.

Since then, the Patriots have sponsored four events with a list of speakers that include Paula Patrick, candidate for Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Charlie Gerow, Vice Chairman of Conservative Political Action Conference, State Senator Doug Mastriano, James Jones, candidate for lieutenant governor, Stacy Wallace, candidate for Judge of Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, Justin Magill, Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania Constitution Party, Sean Parnell, candidate for United States Senate, State Representative Aaron Bernstine, and Dianna Campbell of Health Freedom.

A typical Patriot town hall meeting begins and ends with prayer as members are guided by a strong faith in God. Closing the meeting with the singing of “God Bless America” has become a tradition.

The next Patriot town hall will be held on Wednesday, September 1st at 6 p.m. at the Ben Franklin Taproom. It will feature Dr. Nehe Zama who is running for governor, Stacy Wallace, candidate for Judge of Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and a meet and greet with the newly elected Lawrence County Republican Committee.

For more information on the Lawrence County Patriots find their booth at the Lawrence County Fair or visit

(Sherry Patton is one of the leaders of Lawrence County Patriots.)

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