It’s time for our area to have a change in Congress

Editor, The News:

It’s time for a change in Northwestern PA. After a decade of U.S. Representative Mike Kelly, let’s look for someone fresh and new to represent us.

That someone is Kristy Gnibus.

Kristy knows the value of hard work, which all of us can appreciate.

We work hard for what we have. Moreover, Kristy has rural roots, and has taught in a rural public school district. She knows that everyone, regardless of their zip code, deserves a high-quality education.

Also, Kristy is a cancer survivor who knows that everyone deserves healthcare.

When I asked Kristy why she is running for Congress, she replied that she wants to build a better future for her children and serve our whole community.

Indeed, Kristy sees herself as a servant leader who embraces authenticity.

I see that in her, too. So does End Citizens United, which has endorsed Kristy and her strong commitment to not be bought by big money or corporate interests. Just think, that model of independent, selfless leadership could be truly transformative for the Rust Belt.

Finally, Kristy is from the working class and has worked multiple jobs which have given her the real-life experience that makes her accessible and relatable. The best candidates are the ones we can identify with.

Kristy knows where she’s from, and she won’t forget that when she goes to Washington. Let’s support Kristy Gnibus for the U.S. Congress.

Sam Baker

New Castle

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