Is it really so bad

to be like Virginia?

Editor, The News:

At a Republican event last month, our state senator Elder Vogel talked about retaining GOP control of the Pennsylvania legislature, saying: “If you don’t think you want to be Virginia, then we need to make sure we keep these seats in play.”

In a study by U.S. News and World Report, Virginia was ranked the seventh-best state in the country. Pennsylvania was 41st. The study rated Virginia higher in subcategories that included health care, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, and crime and corrections.

Pennsylvania was 13th in opportunity, 21st in health care, 32nd in education, 37th in crime and corrections, 38th in fiscal stability, 43rd in infrastructure and 44th in economy. Virginia also outperforms Pennsylvania in median household income, poverty rate and infant mortality.

The point isn’t to diminish my home state. It’s to show that politicians like to throw out talking points hoping we don’t try to figure out if they make any sense.

Speaking of red state (Republican) vs blue state (Democrat), Vogel might not want you to know some other facts.

From the U.S. News and World Report Study: The bottom 10 states in health care are all red states; seven of the bottom 10 in education are red states; seven of the bottom 10 in economy are red states; nine of the bottom 10 in crime and corrections are red states.

It seems a Republican legislature doesn’t get you much in some cases, including our state. Food for thought come Election Day.

Rick Elia

New Castle

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