Impeachment will be

Judgment Day for Toomey

Editor, The News:

If character is judged by what we do when nobody’s watching, then legacies are determined by what we do when everybody’s watching.

And everybody will be watching if the House of Representatives impeaches Donald Trump, the most corrupt, incompetent and unfit president in history, and his case goes to trial before the Senate.

In the course of reaching a judgment on Trump, the GOP will experience its own judgement day, too, including our own Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Toomey has proved to be just another spineless enabler of this president. When he disagrees with the president, he offers nothing more than a series of carefully worded statements and comments. Even the president’s most heinous acts get little more than a meek response from a man supposedly elected to represent our interests and values in Washington.

On just about every big vote, Toomey has been there for the president, refusing to put his country ahead of his party and his own ambitions.

Trump is the featured performer in our current American nightmare because of the inaction, enabling and outright servitude of Toomey and the Republican Party.

We’re going to find out if Toomey is representing our best interests or his own. Whether our state’s and country’s futures are more important than his future in politics, lobbying or whatever other endeavors he pursues to make money.

Trump may be the tumor we see, but Toomey and the Republicans are the cancer that feeds its growth. We’ll be watching, and we won’t forget.

Rick Elia

New Castle

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