Editor, The News:

Presidential elections throughout time have been remembered either for an idea that a candidate set forth or for a specific moment that either made or broke a candidate’s campaign.

However, with a paramount of issues that 2020 has brought alone, through the virus, unrest and the fact that the president’s taxes have finally come to light, a crisis such as this could be the deciding factor in our Keystone State of Pennsylvania.

Consider the history that has occurred long before this specific election. In 1932, Herbert Hoover lost because of The Depression that he failed to act upon by stating that the beforehand prosperity was again on the way. FDR replaced him. In 1980, Carter struggled with an oncoming recession and lost to Reagan. George H. W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton due to the horrible recession that the nation succumbed to back during the campaign of 1992. Obama won in 2008 with the message of hope and an outline much like FDR and Clinton pledged when they faced off against their opponents to defeat such grim times they were succumbed to fight the odds against, which included the jobs and considerations of suburban people.

Now, we come to President Donald Trump who is against Biden, and if anyone who studies history will find that the pattern of the fact that leaders who ignore to fail to act on the pandemic of crisis without an effective plan — be it through economics, social, ethics — would be expected to lose due to the major influence a crisis has on their electability.

The choice is clear: there is no real plan. We are tired, tempered, and the immaturity of this administration’s chapter must end. Let us get back to a sense of normalcy and elect out a Trump presidency.

Mark Summerville

Pulaski Township 

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