Editor, The News:

Why don’t people such as Patty Jenkins, who always demonize “Obamacare,” (letter, Dec. 18), reveal what they pay for health insurance?

I’ll bet it’s not $1,000 or more per month, like some folks I talked to.

How many of these Obamacare bashers are public employees, who receive health care for free or next to nothing?

I’ll take Barack’s plan over Republican care. (Sign your paycheck and give it to the insurance company.)

Jenkins makes the statement that 45 percent of doctors will quit if Obamacare becomes law. This is totally absurd. Just where else on this planet can American doctors go and make the same living they make here?

Why do most of the doctors from the dirt-poor, Third World countries come to the United States to practice medicine, instead of staying in their homelands where they are so badly needed? Money, that’s why. People living in mud huts have only chickens and goats to pay for treatment.

How many of those tea party hypocrites who were elected for Congress last month are refusing to accept their own taxpayer-funded government health care?

Oh, I see. “Socialism” is just fine for themselves, but not for the rest of us.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township

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