‘Groundhog Day’ playing

out in real time

Editor, The News:

“Groundhog Day,” the movie, is playing out in real time.

We have all heard the audio tapes (from Bob Woodward’s new book, “Rage”) of this administration knowing how bad (COVID-19) was and is, how it is transmitted, what percentage, compared to the common flu of cases and mortality rates. This all being known in February 2020. Yet, what we have heard to this day are misrepresentations, half-truths and blatant lies about COVID-19. Always spinning and cleaning up the remarks coming out of this Putin puppet’s mouth.

Groundhog Day. We hear it over and over, again and again. 

So, I say it is not enough to just vote for this three-card monte con man out of office, but all his enablers as well. These enablers are legislating un-American policies that provide aid and comfort to the very few, while many are suffering extreme hardships. The many need to rise up and support the Biden-Harris ticket as well as all down-ballot Democrats. Joe Biden may not have all the answers to every problem, but we can trust with high confidence what he says.

This known liar (22,000 lies, according to factchecker.org) deserves no benefit of the doubt. 200,000 dead Americans is no hoax.

COVID-19 will not disappear on Nov. 4. Countless millions with possibly life-long unknown medical issues. This is reality for a lot of America. Don’t let the minority speak for the majority. Plan your vote. By mail or in person.

Become an activist in the American dream. Preserve the diverse America we are. Vote Biden-Harris and down-ballot Democrats. Our collective future really does depend on it.

Gary Affagato

New Castle

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