Editor, The News:

Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama were president of the United States combined for 24 years with little or no social and racial unrest.

President Donald Trump was impeached by the Democratic House for his ties to Russia, acquitted by his Republican Senate. In February 2020, Trump knew about the coronavirus, “the emissary of death” and downplayed it to protect the stock market and his re-election campaign. In three-and-a-half years, his Republican administration had nine people arrested, indicted, some put in jail and one a convicted felon he pardoned.

Trump doesn’t believe in telling the truth.

Just ask his sister and his niece, he’s been the new role model for our children. He had the states of Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kentucky and New York protesting for over 100 days for social and racial injustice, 93 percent were peaceful. You have to ask, why are the police now shooting, strangling and killing unarmed Black men, women and children. Who is causing all this racial hate, discontent and division all over America? 

Not, the Democrats. What would prompt a 17-year-old white male to cross state lines with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to shoot and wound protesters? “This is Trump’s America.” Do the American people really want four more years of Trump’s lies and his Republican administration’s chaos, or Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Democrat safe, unified and progressive America.

Remember November, dump Trump and anyone he supports. 

David P. Gaibis Sr.

New Castle

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