Editor, The News: On Sept. 13, I listened to President Bush give a speech to the American people from the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. I have no respect whatsoever for this man or what he represents. But for the first time in all of the speeches that I have listened to, I believe that I heard what I believe to be the truth. This is after all the lies and deception that the Bush administration has been responsible for from the day that George W. Bush took office. In this speech, Bush revealed that we are in what I refer to as a generational conflict. Not only are our children and grandchildren going to be paying for the war in Iraq, but these same children and grandchildren will be serving in the same conflict that is the creation of none other that Bush. The only way that the war is to be stopped is by way of the ballot box. Unfortunately, it may take a generation to get rid of the war-mongering politicians in Washington. It’s utterly disgusting that the vast majority of the American people are against this war and still it rages on. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Joseph Nestasie Hillsville

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