On this 2020 Election Day, no one knows how future historians will regard the current era.

But many people today realize that the human race is now making choices that will determine the long-term future.

All of us in today’s rapidly changing society face many problems, each demanding from us more than we can give,

Yet, today’s crisis has resulted from a failure to deal with a problem before it became a crisis.

Whether the future turns out to be as bright as some hope or as dark as some fear depends on our ability to understand the world of tomorrow. Methods successful in the past may not work in the future due to changed circumstances.

In 1902, the British writer H.G. Wells suggested that there might be a science of the future that might enable us to discover what would happen in the years and decades ahead.

Some say that those who lead us into this direction will be like the Sorcerer who knew the art of making a giant snake.

When he had made it, he forgot the charm word that would destroy it. The giant snake threw its coils around him, and the unfortunate man was choked to death by the monster of his own creation.

We, however, believe that the future offers hope and purpose and a feeling that we will survive and prosper.

Angelo and Donna E. Pezzuolo

New Castle

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