Editor, The News:

To the consistent followers of the editorial section: If I have painted an image of bleakness in my previous letters, I apologize. Hopefully, I can erase those concepts and remove the goblins in this closing correspondence.

I have asked, what direction to we proceed? I want to start by retracing the origin of time. God drove Lucifer and the transgressing angels from Heaven. God damned them into the fires of Hades. You may be asking, what does this have to do with mankind? That’s simple -- everything.

The creator established the rules of the game. Evil will never win, good will always prevail. In the United States history, good has never been defeated.

Victories were achieved in every conflict, evil was removed, eliminated and replaced with righteousness. The solution and answer has been there for all of society for an eternity. The Ten Commandments given to us by the Almighty set the stage for all of humanity. Follow them and all things will fall into place, as I quoted in an earlier letter, one dime at a time. We can unify our society and nation, one person at a time. Through love, kindness, faith and hope, anything can be accomplished.

Practicing God’s law will ensure our triumph. Now all that we have to do is man and woman up. So what do you say we get started?

Before I would surrender, I would like to leave yo with one final thought. We need to incorporate and exercise the guidance of God. As He does, love everyone.

Dan Martwinski

New Castle

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