Emboldened by large

capacity rapid fire

killing machines

Editor, The News:

Persons contemplating mass murder would be more timid if they had far less fire power (such as a three-shot magazine). A substantial part of the solution to the Parkland and Sandy Hook massacres would be to take away a main source of the shooters’ boldness — their heavy firepower.

In addition to reducing the boldness, far fewer numbers would be killed in a terrorist attack. This is not an anti-gun letter; it is a statement that high capacity magazines should be outlawed for the regular citizen.

Years ago, major crime syndicates became bolder when they acquired tommy guns and later modern rapid-fire mass human killing machines. Law officers were outgunned and endangered because of their far more limited standard six-shot .38 caliber police special. When the police switched to the 9 mm, 15 shot Glock-type handgun plus the semi-automatic long gun, they were better prepared to put their lives on the line.

What mature civilized country would allow citizens to possess weapons designed to kill large numbers of people on the battlefield? Today the massacre of children, worshippers and students are considered mere collateral damage tolerated for the greater end of profit and power.

David Gray

New Wilmington

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