Election fraud is a result of mass media, censorship

Our constitutional republic is now at stake as a result of the fraudulent presidential election that took place on Nov. 3.

Again, the fraud that has occurred is a result of mass media, big tech censorship and rich oligarchs throwing millions of dollars at the Democratic policies that support the availability of a cheap labor market. Case-in-point: The numbers available to clearly demonstrate the fraud that took place. Hundreds of affidavits have been collected from those involved with the voting process in many key states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. 

Country-wide, Joe Biden collected 212 fewer counties than Barack Obama did in 2012. Yet, Biden received more than 15 million more votes than Obama did. How is that possible? Also, what are the mathematical possibilities that tens of thousands of Philadelphia voters went for Biden and not a single one for Donald Trump? That statistical conclusion from this major urban city is not believable. 

The run-off election in January for two Senate seats in Georgia is pivotal for the future of this country. Should the Democrats win both seats, the makeup of the Senate will ensure two new states will be added to the “Union,” the seats on the Supreme Court will be increased and a global philosophy will prevail instead of an “America First” one. The “Green New Deal” will be implemented and an “open borders” policy will begin. Will socialism become the new philosophy of our government in Washington? Who will end up paying for it? Is that really what you want for America?

Russ Hall

New Castle

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