Do the right thing, and all will be all right

Editor, The News:

It’s no secret that we live in a complex world of constant change, increasing demands and more competition than ever before.

Today isn’t like yesterday was, and you can bet that tomorrow won’t be like today is. So we must create some level of stability in unstable times.

It can be done by remembering that our basic beliefs and values have never outlived their usefulness or importance.

We know, for better or worse, like it or not, we really are interdependent — we really are all in this together. We can choose to do something about it or not.

The way we see it, the very best choice may be our only real choice. The coronavirus is a challenge that must be met head on.

It is like a tiny grain of musk that can scent a room for years, or one part of dye that will stain a million parts of water. So it is with coronavirus, a little of it goes a long way toward determining the quality and nature of the situation in which it is present. 

The really nice thing about our world is that it’s full of people who desire to do the right thing, which leads all of us to believe that it’s just a matter of time before everything will be alright — may it be so!

Angelo and

Donna E. Pezzuolo


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