Editor, The News: Truly, we have reached a time when changes occur so often in the world that we have to be patient and strive to understand whether changes benefit or hinder mankind. But often, we see changes that are stupid and harmful. President Bush has publicly stated 250 to 300 times his determination to create democracy and freedom for all nations. He even declared war in Iraq for that end. We also have a list of nations that may feel our wrath if they don't change their policies. Now, here is where I'm lost: Recently, people in the Middle East, namely Palestinians, had their election, which was reported by neutral observers to be fair and correct. The result showed the Hamas Party to be the winner. Immediately, the U.S., Israel, Russia and other countries screamed: "No way! No fair! Now, because you voted wrong, we will punish you all." Now, I know Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Islamic Jihad and others have conducted deadly attacks against the Israeli military and civilians. Space does not permit me to list the wars that have occurred in the past by people who fought for freedom against their occupiers. In closing, I say if we want to upset Hamas' victory, we must get the Palestinian men who were tired of the corrupt folks now in office. Then get the children who were fed by Hamas when they were hungry. Finally, get the Palestinian people who were given medical help by Hamas. Get these people to overthrow Hamas. Anthony J. Elisco New Castle

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