Current Congress should be sent packing

Editor, The News:

I have to confess that I’m stepping out of my element, bounds, and limits. The world of politics, political science or the arts of government are not my forte. Yes I vote every election, believing it’s my duty and God-given right.

To the subject of this correspondence. The primary election took place a short time ago. The stage is set for the November showdown at the poles. No, I am not going to address President Trump, I’ll leave that to the readers.

I will confront our Congress. If you have paid any attention, you have witnessed a train wreck in progress. We voters put these men and women in office. Their behaviors and expressions are totally out of control.

They have lost their focus on what their job in Congress is supposed to curtail. These are enacting laws to benefit our great nation, protect our land, and all of its people.

We pay them, they work for us, neither party is doing their job.

A question, would you pay a plumber, electrician, or carpenter if they didn’t do the work?

Hopefully, you will go to the polls in November. Do your homework and keep this in mind. If you elect a clown, expect a circus.

Dan Martwinski

New Castle

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