The United States is an example of freedoms, dreams and visions. The imagination is given a creative menu to achieve and accomplish goals. The citizens have the right and are blessed to practice their choice of religion. Everyone has the right to an education, may travel anywhere in the country, attend any event wished as well as any other enjoyable function.

These adventures have been acquired and obtained through several centuries of deeply ingrained work ethics. Sadly to say that at the present time there is a stampede coming over the hill. 

No, not cattle, but a herd of liberal reformists that endorse socialism. Their actions completely undermine the nation’s value system. Their giving of freebies has instilled a mindset of welfareness. I hope that my input, comments and opinions will be somewhat insightful. A number of analogies need to be addressed. The liberalness of the leadership has surpassed insanity. 

Their venue and platform has reached the pinnacle of bizarreness. To liberate is to set free from oppression, even by illegal means such as by looting. Well, that’s a blast from the not-so-far past. Those in command called it peaceful protesting. I’m all ears if any one of them can describe to us what’s unpeaceful. 

What we have witnessed is libertine behaviors, acts without moral restraint and defiance toward established religious precepts. This faction forgets that all citizens are protected under the protection of the Bill of Rights, which has worked for all of these years. Sure, we had failures and stumbled along the way, but we have always regained our balances and moved forward. Don’t you think it’s about time we all get back to where it began with faith, love and God?

Daniel Martwinski

New Castle

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