Council, court decisions stronger than meager Dollar General support

Editor, The News:

Yes, Ms. Przybylski, the mayor is supported by neighborhood residents against the store on Highland. After all, he did receive 34 votes in the 2nd ward 3rd precinct (the ones who “filled” city hall).

Also part of City Ordinance: 1321.03 (a) To promote, protect and facilitate the following: coordinated and practical community development. 1321.06 (d) Objectives — Protect and provide for existing and future commercial areas within the City.

Why should my tax dollars pay for lawyers? My taxes paid for various economic studies, one back in 2016 by Urban Design Ventures which stated “the North Hill contains properties that may interest investors and also provide assistance to market downtown and North Hill areas”. Many studies — Little action. Just because a structure is in a historic district, does not make it “historic”. George Washington did not sleep in my building.

You are again attacking the integrity of the council members that voted.

The News’ opinion was based on facts from a 15-year judge’s ruling on the matter. If you and your followers are so concerned; then come up with the legal fees required instead of burdening the taxpayers. Read the rest of the ordinance you refer to, not just one line; but most importantly, read the judge’s 26-page ruling on the issue at hand and you decide if the appeal should proceed. I will get a copy for you if you would like; but don’t insult council members’ or judges’ decisions based on one ordinance line.

William Kosciuszko

New Castle

(Editor’s note: The author is the owner of the Highland Avenue property for which a Dollar General store has been proposed.)

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