Editor, The News:

I must respond to Russ Hall’s letter of March 1 claiming all of us Democrats are socialists and communists. Oh really? Let’s take a look at the facts:

Hall is obviously a Republican supporter of Donald Trump – a president who repeatedly parrots the mantra of murderous communist dictators Lenin and Stalin that, “The press is the enemy of the people,” the tyrants who killed journalists and had control of Russia’s state media.

The press isn’t the enemy of the common citizen, only dishonest, criminal politicians, bankers and businessmen. Donald Trump incites his followers like some religious cult leader to verbally and physically abuse reporters – calling the mainstream media (except Fox) is “fake news.” And remember his fantasy video of beating up a CNN anchor? How about the Republican congressman who body slammed a reporter because he didn’t like the questions? Trump never denounced it.

Maybe Hall can explain why he extols a president who believes the word of dictators and tyrants over his own intelligence chiefs, which Trump himself appointed. Why is Trump so “in love” (as he himself put it) with communist dictator Kim Jong Un? Is Donald contemplating a business deal for a “tower” in Pyongyang? And why is Trump so cuddly with former KGB lord Vladimir Putin? Maybe he sees another “tower” in Moscow?

Russ rambles on that “free stuff” from the government is communism. Evidently Trump doesn’t object to it if he can get something in return like real estate. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Saudi Arabia provide its citizens with free health care, housing, day care, college and no income tax? (Oil revenues pay for everything.)

If this in fact is true and by Hall’s definition Saudi Arabia is “communist,” then why was President Trump in Riyadh dancing with the crown prince, waving a sword, laughing it up and giving “high fives”? Billions in arms too!

Robert Zbegan

Shenango Township

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