Church tradition comes in written and unwritten form

Editor, The News:

I wish to address to our “Holy Men” — the priest, ministers, apostles and Sunday school teachers.

Social tradition, which comes down to us in both written and unwritten form from the Apostles, started in the first century from Clement of Rome, St. Ignatius, St. Justin Martyr and St. Ignatius of Lyons, St. Clement pastor of the Church of Rome, the decade of the 90 AD. He was born 30 AD, baptized and personally instructed by St. Peter.

St. Jerome, born 340 AD, first known for translating the Bible with Latin (known as the Vulgate). St Ambrose 340 AD upheld the Nicene Creed. St. Augustine born 354 AD became Catholic in 386 AD. He clarified church doctrine. St. Gregory the Great born 540 AD organized monasteries over Europe, helped Jews’ poor religious vocations and sent letters to bishops all over the world and sent missionaries all over Europe and England.

Martin Luther put in the Bible Alone in the Bible but James 2:24 says “Man is justified by works and not by faith alone.” Luther lobbied to have James thrown out of the New Testament and called it an epistle of straw.

Jehovah’s Witness started by Charles Taze Russell born in Pittsburgh 1852.

He claimed to know Greek but when challenged he was unable and he said he was ordained but at a trial proven he was never ordained. He died in 1916.

I close with to be a Christian, one must believe in the Trinity, which means three persons in one God, not three different gods. So here is to all of you, we may not earn the friendship of others, but we well demand their respect. 

Peter Panella

New Castle

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