Editor, The News:

In response to the movie “Left Behind.” This is a movie every Christian should see.

It is about the end times and is not the same “Left Behind” that was seen years ago.

I saw the old “Left Behind” and the new “Left Behind.” This newest movie is not the same as the old one as I saw years ago.

I am very disappointed at the few Christians/believers who supported this movie. It is one of the best Christian movies I have seen.

It is true, biblical and very real. All Christians/believers in this city should support and see this movie before it is gone.

What is going to happen when Jesus comes is very realistic. We support everything else, instead of a good movie.

It’s time to wake up. Jesus is coming soon. We have heard this for years, I know. Israel became a nation in 1948 and we are the last generation.

Linda Martinez

Morton Street

New Castle

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