Editor, The News: I am responding to Peter Panella’s recent letter suggesting that Roman Catholics founded Christianity. Panella has a very limited view of Biblical history, Biblical knowledge and church history. His lack of definition is breathtaking and it would be good for him to look at the dictionary definition of “catholic” and then trace that word through historical church documents. For example, I belong to a church (the Presbyterian Church in America) which has a Confession of Faith. It states, “We believe in the Holy Catholic Church,” this is what I believe, but it is certainly not the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, “catholic” means universal, not one denomination. Even the pope, in his last pronouncement, said that some truth resides in the Greek Orthodox Church, so Panella might even be contradicting his own leader. The Bible is its own best defense. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher of the 19th century, said he’d rather defend a lion than defend the Bible. The Bible says that it is inspired, that is breathed out from God, 2 Timothy 3:14-15. That means that it is not the invention of any of its writers. The Apocrypha, which Panella includes as part of the Bible, is filled with inventions which Christ never quoted in the New Testament. It has the imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church, which Panella claims authenticates it. Panella claims too much and is in danger of losing everything. Irfon Hughes, pastor Hillcrest Church Volant

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