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Editor, The News:

The world is full of “religion.” The precise number of religions in the world is not known, however, available estimates reveal the number to be about 4,300, according to

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, annual yearbook a few years ago, the number of people involved in religion equals the population of the world at that time. It has been said people are incurably religious. Most people are searching for “religion” to fill the void in their lives.

This month, Christians will celebrate the resurrection from the dead of their founder, Jesus Christ. I find it interesting the most criticized, condemned, rejected, laughed at, and denied “religion” is Christianity. It is claimed that it is unintelligent to believe in Christianity and its founder Jesus. It is questioned was there ever such a person as Jesus, let alone that he came alive from the dead. Yet, for anyone willing to be intellectually honest in their research regarding the person of Jesus and Christianity in general, they will find an abundance of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and Christianity in general as being the world’s most unique “religion.”

I recommend a book written by Josh McDowell, “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict.” Josh was a young man who set out to prove Christianity and Jesus were not true. He was intellectually honest and followed the evidence where it took him. He became convinced as his research progressed that Jesus did exist, was crucified, dead, buried and came alive from the grave three days later, as he had predicted, and that Christianity is valid truth.

Josh became a Christian because of his research. His research is over 700 pages long and somewhat intellectual but if one truly desires to read the evidence for Christianity, it is a book well worth one’s time and money to investigate the truth.

Dr. Max Bungard, pastor

New Castle Bible Church

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