Editor, The News:

With this brutal weather we have been having lately, the weatherman has been warning people to bring their pets inside.

And some people still don't listen. Or are they playing deaf 'cause they just don't care?

Not too far from where I live, somebody left his dog out all night and it was frozen to death by the next morning.

Don't people understand the pain the animals go through in this weather?

Even if they have a dog house, it is still not enough. The dog that just froze to death, it also had a dog house.

And then you call the humane society about all these dogs and cats that people leave tied outside suffering. They tell you there's nothing they can do. They say call the police and when you call them, they say call the dog catcher, who in turn says there's nothing he can do.

Thank God Gov. Rendell is changing these laws as you're reading this. It's about time. Then there will be fines and possibly jail time.

Sandy Cook

New Castle

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