Bidens will continue

to sell out America

A few examples of Joe Biden’s influence while vice president, courtesy of Peter Schweizer’s book, “Riding the Dragon.”

Joe’s son, Hunter, and his companies invested in Chinese interests that ultimately hurt U.S. interests around the world.

In 2013, Joe Biden arrived in Beijing, China, with son, Hunter. Soon after, China finalized a $1 billion business deal with Hunter’s new company, Bohai Harvest. In 2015, Bohai Harvest joined forces with Chinese military contractor AVIC to buy American manufacturer Henniges for military purposes. The Obama Administration approved the deal. AVIC was notorious for stealing U.S. military technology.

Bohai Harvest invested in military surveillance technology that China used on its own population. This helped detain and imprison some 1 million Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

Bohai Harvest also helped China in its competition with the U.S. over so-called rare earth minerals. It helped China Molybdenum to acquire more than half of Congo’s Tenke copper mine. The United States was competing with China in the race for rare earth minerals, but Hunter Biden and his firm actually helped Beijing win that race.

In December 2014, Bohai Harvest, became an investor in a Chinese company called China General Nuclear. CGN was owned by the Chinese government.

At the time, CGN was under investigation for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets. Essentially, China partnered with the son of the U.S. vice president to attempt to steal America’s nuclear technology.

Hunter Biden also ran a real estate firm, Rosemont Realty, with no background in commercial real estate. Rosemont got lucrative commercial real estate deals in China.

A company called Gemini, which had close ties to the Chinese military, bought 75 percent of Rosemont, paying $3 billion.

Bottom line: If Joe Biden wins the election in November, expect the Bidens to sell out the American people even more.

Philip J. Granato

Shenango Township

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