As someone who has worked for both federal and state agencies for over 35 years, and who personally knows officers who have patrolled the border, I understand security there affects law enforcement and all of us throughout this country.

While most in our area can’t relate to anyone living in Texas, Arizona or Southern California, we can all relate to the devastating effects that illegal drugs have in New Castle as well as every community.

A vast amount of these drugs come across the Mexican border, including heroin and fentanyl. While the previous administration was making significant progress to curtail the flow of drugs and illegal border crossings, there was still a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately, four years of work has been reversed in a matter of weeks. 

Our financial cost to support these immigrants is staggering. Our entire country and its citizens have been locked down for a year now, yet we are allowing thousands of border crossers to travel freely in our country just in the past few weeks. The vice president who has been put in charge of this issue has yet to visit the border and jokingly says she will get there eventually.

We all lock our doors, secure our property, have security systems in our homes, or even armed personal security if you’re a politician or celebrity. So how can anyone justify, rationalize or accept not securing the one thing that ultimately leads to such a high cost to us all in this country?

Mark Allegro

Neshannock Township

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