Before voting,

double-check the ‘facts’

Editor, The News:

With the crucial November 2020 election only a few weeks away, citizens who love the United States and democracy have the weighty responsibility to choose candidates wisely.

Voters will face a barrage of true and false information. Rather than accept everything or nothing, or risk choosing incorrectly, patriots must diligently differentiate truth from falsehood in the same way they guard against hackers and identity thieves who disregard the general welfare and distort reality for their own gain.

Valid, appropriate resources do exist to aid citizens in their quest for truth. One helpful tool to evaluate media reliability is utilizing the website As no surprise, it rates MSNBC and others as left leaning, Fox and others as right leaning, and hundreds of others between. For citizens who seek objectivity, the middle offers safer sources to compare information accurately. Also, one way to check facts — especially when the information seems outrageous — is using a fact-checking site, like or

Although well-meaning skeptics argue that bias exists in all people and therefore in all information sources, the information sources listed here offer some of the most reliable sources for obtaining truth.

Citizens foster irresponsible and dangerous conditions—such as spreading an epidemic or creating brutal dictators who crush all dissent—when they refuse to fact-check either because they only accept information that confirms their current beliefs or because they are “too busy.” The pursuit of accuracy not only protects citizens from intentional misrepresentation and sinister manipulation, it also strengthens their ability to maintain freedom.

David Antognoli

New Castle

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