As people age, who will care for them?

Editor, The News:

Recently, I was involved in an accident that resulted in a broken left femur. The injury required hospital stay followed by many days of physical therapy.

The injury was such that I could not feed or bathe myself. Under such circumstances, I relied on the excellent facility caregivers for all basic needs. Thank you!

I also began to think about current research on aging as proposed by the world’s future society; if it proves successful, some people alive today will live 500 years or more!

Also, modern medicine is achieving spectacular results in curing many sick people; however, medical costs keep rising.

Who will pay for this advanced medical technology; should the patient bear the cost or society at large? What should be done about people who destroy their own health through overindulgence in food, drugs, and tobacco?

More critical, who will make the ethical judgments involved? The family has traditionally had the function of rearing tomorrow’s children; should the government move to strengthen the family?

Angelo and Donna E. Pezzuolo

New Castle

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