Artificial security a barrier, not a benefit

Editor, The News:

I have a friend who lives on a large acreage of land in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He tells me that he was not satisfied with the small size of the deer on his property, so he imported a huge stag from Michigan for the purpose of mating.

This buck was kept inside a 71/2-foot wire fence enclosure. During the mating season, a buck from his own land jumped the wire fence at night, killed the “great stag” (more than twice his size) and once again jumped the fence and escaped.

The lesson that he learned is that “artificial security” — the fence enclosure — over an extended period of time causes wildlife creatures and human life as well to deteriorate both in a physical and moral way -- they lose that vital spark!

In human life, a review of the lives of men of real eminence revealed that hardship was a blessing and that they had to overcome the obstacles of the greatest enemy of attainment — artificial security — otherwise, they would have remained mediocre.

Angelo and Donna Pezzuolo

New Castle

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