All lives matter to God, and should to all people as well

Editor, The News:

Mr. Wilcox says “All lives matter to God.” He is right about that. We are all God’s children.

However, I am confused about the part where he writes that we are “ take a stand, not only against those involved (in) the original crime but also what all others are doing to destroy America.”

To whom does he refer? To the Jews, who hold some responsibility for the crucifixion? To those who say Black Lives Matter? Are they destroying America?

The image of God is in every human being. We do not decide who has it or does not have it. This has always been one of our biggest problems. Our faith must begin with a positive overarching vision, or we will never go beyond the exclusionary, fear-based system we are drowning in today.

St. Paul says there are only three things that last: faith, hope and love.

These are the soul’s foundation, and the compelling foundation for all human goodness and dignity. 

Unless we see human dignity as given universality, objectivity and from the beginning by God, we will believe that it is up to us to decide, and we know that is an utter failure. History demonstrates that one group cannot be trusted to portion out of worthiness and dignity to another. It leads to prejudice and racism, and the powerless and the disadvantaged always lose out.

Even America’s glorious Declaration of Independence, which says that all are people are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, did not lead the white majority to apportion those rights equally to everyone. Of course, all lives matter to God. But it’s been amply demonstrated that all lives do not matter to a lot of people today. For goodness sake, repent! Love God! And love your neighbor!

William R. LaVelle Jr.

New Castle

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