You are about to board the time machine and return to a previous lifestyle that reflects the values and attitudes of both individuals and groups.

Presto. You are now back in the ‘60s, a time of disarray and confusion.

Our country was being torn apart. The Vietnam War had reached the point of no return. On the home front, the hippies opposed and rejected the traditional standards and customs of society. They advocated a liberalism in sociopolitical attitudes and lifestyles. They would impregnate their minds and bodies with marijuana and LSD.

Let us not forget that free love was the social practice. Also, work was considered an infraction, and welfare an earned gift deserved. These civil libertarians were both enticed and herded by the likes of the rebellious professors from Berkeley.

As a result, we witnessed riots in the streets, on college campuses and at our nation’s capital.

Friend turned out against friend, our soldiers were treated like scourge when they returned home.

Now back to the present. History has a way of repeating itself. The hippies are now in control of the White House, Senate and Congress. The only thing that has changed with the hippies is their wardrobe.

To address their agenda and mindsets, open borders, allowing the onslaught of thousands of illegal aliens, granting them every entitlement available in the country.

Drugs were not seen as a problem by the aged hippies, or are they viewed as a major issue today?

Along with this migration will come crime of every nature. The perpetrators have little fear of punishment, because of the emancipation given by those in charge. 

I ask you, is this what you really wanted when you elected this assembly of misfits? I’ll close by leaving you with two images. Can you live with your choices? And for me, tomorrow, all I will need is a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.

Dan Martwinski

New Castle


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