Editor, The News:

An open letter to the Rev. Young.

I recently read the article you wrote about abortion in the Community News. I totally agree with you that all lives matter. It is wrong to kill. Every soul has a God-given right to come into this world.

However, I do not agree with your thoughts on abortion clinics targeting black communities to eliminate blacks.

Black women are not dragged into the clinics. They go of their own free will to get rid of babies they do not want, not because white people don’t want their babies.

It smacks a little bit of racism on your part. Then you go back to the time of slavery. Might I remind you, your own people (the blacks of Africa) rounded up their enemies and sold them into slavery. You should read Alex Haley’s book “Roots.”

Also, why do blacks in America call themselves “African Americans”? We know your origin by the color of your skin. Why put Africa before America? White people don’t call themselves Italian Americans or German Americans, etc., etc. We are proud to be Americans, period. What was before is history.

White people do not complain because three-fourths of the athletes are black.

Didn’t the white people vote in a black president? ’Nuff said.

End white silence. End white suppression.

Mrs. M.M. Graham

Ellwood City

(Editors note: The writer is referring to comments that the Rev. David Young made during last month’s Light a Candle for Life observance, which were reported in the New Castle News. Young did not write the article.)

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