Abortion also wounds spirit of emotional intimacy

Editor, The News:

In his letter to the editor on 2/7/19, Apostle David Young Sr. of New Castle writes, “Abortion is not a political issue, it is a spiritual one.”

Such a recognition makes me realize that while abortion results in the loss of an innocent, in most cases, it also results from a loss by our culture of a proper reverence and respect for the place of a consummate relationship between a man and a woman.

It is heartbreaking on many levels and in the lives of so many people that sexual relations between men and women have devolved into a self-serving act that all too often cares little or nothing for the long-term relationship and emotional health that sexual intimacy was designed to foster.

We would do well as individuals and as a culture to relearn and grow in the spiritual and ancient wisdom that Apostle Young has dedicated himself to. God help us and the emotional sanity of the next generation if we don’t.

Timothy Erson

New Wilmington

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