Editor, The News:

“Our students and parents — burden, dysfunctional, waste? Is he serious?” (Quote from George Gabriel’s letter of April 30).

Yes, I’m very serious. When words or statements are taken out of context, the meaning can be distorted or lost.

Here is what I said and I stand by what I said, “In most instances, problem children come from dysfunctional homes. They have a bad attitude and waste our financial and human resources.”

The problem children I was talking about have the following in common: They are disrespectful, disrupt the educational process, drop out of school, have problems with the law, are bad examples for their offspring.

In no way am I suggesting that we should give up on these victims of circumstance, and I do understand that there are exceptions to most rules.

In his letter, Gabriel asked, “Does Conti forget his squabble with the mayor in 2001?”

No. It was a misunderstanding that has been resolved. There was no breach of the public trust.

He also stated in the letter that my assessment of the district’s debt was inaccurate and that I and Andrea Przybylski make up numbers.

If anyone reads the current audit report, it will be seen that the numbers are not made up.

Philp P. Conti

Euclid Avenue

New Castle

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