A 2020 decision

Editor, The News:

Several years ago there was a reality show, “The Apprentice,” on TV. On it, several candidates vied for the position under the chief operating officer. The identifying catch-phrase of the show was “you’re fired.”

Currently there is an electoral race for state representative in our Pennsylvania district with three candidates running for the position.

I recently ran into one of the candidates for this position. He stated that he had just retired from his state government job of 31 years and was now running for state representative. He thought his 45 years experience in real estate would give him a clear advantage over the other two candidates in promoting the district to businesses and developers. I asked him if he would continue his volunteer work as a character coach for a local high school football team and his guitar-playing sing-a-longs at three local nursing homes. He said “yes” because everyone in the community needs served, regardless if they can’t repay him in some way. His 20 years of cattle farming experience would give him insight into farmer’s needs. His responses showed he is a citizen servant and not the typical politician looking for what he can get from the job. A servant’s attitude and heart are ideal for this position and as CEO of my vote I have one more comment: “Mister Audia, you’re hired!”

Thomas Brice

New Castle

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