Gary Church: Greenspace

Retired now, Gary Church is a former grower at a local greenhouse.

I loved growing up on Bluff Street.

The reason it’s called Bluff Street is, it’s a hill.

During snowstorms in the late ’40s and early ’50s, my evening entertainment was to sit on our stair landing, and look out the window at all the cars trying to get up the hill.

The biggest challenge was turning left off of Etna (another hill) onto Bluff.

Many cars never made it, and the people had to park their cars and walk home.

We are a little spoiled today with all the snow removal we have.

Worm, Cheetah, Monk and the boys from the New Castle Public Works keep the city’s streets pretty clear.

It wasn’t like that back in the good old 1950s.

We had no snow plows.

What we had was a dump truck filled with ashes, with two guys standing in the bed shoveling ashes onto the streets.

That is not a job I would apply for. I doubt Cheetah would like it, either.

Bluff Street was never on their priority list for being the first street done.

Plus, the ashes messed up our sled riding.

I was 6 years old when the Big Snow of 1950 hit. It made an impression on my life that I never forgot.

Since there were no plows, the neighbors all went out and shoveled a path in the street so cars could make it up and down.

We did not own a snow shovel back then, but we did have a coal shovel.

My dad used the coal shovel, but I wanted to help too.

The only shovel left was a spade, so that is what I used.

I probably looked stupid, but that was all I had.

Remembering that feeling, I make sure that nowadays that I have a snow blower, a few snow shovels and a 50-pound bag of salt on hand at all times.

Another thing I remember about the 1950 snow, as soon as we had Bluff Street shoveled, a front end loader with a bucket on the front came, and plowed the street. The neighbors weren’t real happy about it arriving so late.

I’m sure if Mike Rooney had been in charge then, it would have been done a lot sooner.

My hat is off, and placed over my heart, anytime I see a snow plow passing by.

Thank you all for coming out in the worst weather possible, and keeping our roads clear.

My suggestion is, save the overtime money and next February, schedule a trip to Aruba.

Just do it on a week when there is no snow in the forecast.

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