Forecasts leading into Wednesday all said the same, whether you checked your with local meteorologist or the apps on your smartphones including Accuweather, WeatherBug or The Weather Channel.

Snow was in the forecast.

While the exact timing of the forecasted snow wasn’t declared, everyone was left to his or her own devices to check the radar throughout the day.

Sunny, yet windy, conditions prevailed until about 3 p.m. when the temperatures dropped, along with the white, fluffy stuff.

A wet, heavy snow soon blanketed the region and created a mess of the roadways — at least in the city of New Castle —  with an icy layer that in some cases prevented tires from maintaining traction.

In the city, drivers visibly were having trouble staying between the lines and climbing hills at North Jefferson Street and Highland Avenue.Vehicles were sliding out of control as they forged their path through the icy slush that had built up on main roads and side streets.

A city bus was involved in a crash along Highland Avenue near the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Another incident occurred at the bottom of the hill on North Jefferson near Pizza Hut and city hall.

The city public works director told The News that crews were indeed out attacking the streets, but that as temperatures fell into the low 20s, snow turned to ice within minutes of falling.

Still, once vehicles made their way out of the city, drivers were greeted with roadways that were wet but were also clear of snow, ice and slush, allowing for a smooth commute to their destination.

PennDOT and the townships surrounding the city kept an eye on roadways and pre-treated them ahead of the rush hour storm.

Maintaining roadways is the responsibility of the city, township, and state depending on the designation of the roadway.

Roads are to be kept clear for the smooth flow of transportation and in order for first responders to be able to make their way safely from station house to the site of an emergency call.

Lives hang in the balance. That is for sure.

While drivers were more than likely worried about having to take things slow on treacherous roadways during the afternoon commute, surely they all breathed a sigh of relief when they eventually made it home safely.

Roadways in the city are already in poor condition as the majority of them are in need of being paved. Let’s not let snow and ice make conditions any worse for transportation. 

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