Readers sound off on Electoral College

President-elect Joe Biden walks offstage with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Delaware,  after the Electoral College formally elected him as president, Monday.

The following comments were among the 215 posted to The News’ Facebook page in response to Monday afternoon’s Associated Press story headlined “Biden clears 270-vote mark as electors affirm his victory.”

•MAGA2021! We Did It! 81 million people Made America Great Again! ... Sharon Logan

•THIS Pennsylvanian DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!! ... Gladys Brest

•Trump2020 #StopTheSteal ... Ann Naples Mittelman

•Didn’t care for the past and don’t care for the new. Got that sinking gut feeling something is going to happen and it ain’t gonna be good!! ... Doug Hyberg

•Sad when you have to cheat to win!! ... Val Evanoff Pearson

•They are contesting it, don’t count your chickens NCN!! ... Shannon Lynn

•Now all of a sudden liberals love the electoral college ... Jordan Johnson

•They are going to destroy all of us ... Nancy Boice

•It ain’t over til it’s over. ... Suellen McCollim

•Where’s Hunter? ... Daniel Bailey

•He won the election fair and square! He is just a sore loser. How many million dollars, of tax payer money, is he going to waste on frivolous lawsuits. He knows he has no evidence. If he were a man, he would assist in a smooth change. ... Evelyn Schultz

•Face it, no fraud. Hey Trump supporters, was there fraud in the states Trump won? NO, only where he lost. Such a bully. ... John Sanchez

•Fraud! ... Brandon Riddle

•Fraud. Him and that pig are both frauds. ... Frank Zurasky

•It’s still not over! ... Cindy Bennett

•(in response to Cindy Bennett) In the words of Aerosmith...Dream ON. ... Lesley Savor Ross

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