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News networks have come under increasing criticism in recent years for “calling” results of races on election nights. Early pronouncements that a race is over, critics say, discourage citizens who vote at later hours from heading to the polls.

We suspect pre-election polls might have the same impact — if voters let them.

For instance, the final Franklin & Marshall pre-election poll released Thursday reported that both Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey held wide leads over their respective opponents, Republicans Scott Wagner and Lou Barletta.

One need only remember, though, that in 2016, most polls showed Hillary Clinton with a lead over Donald Trump, and media outlets widely expected a Clinton win. But when voters went to the polls, the results ended up otherwise.

So do not believe that your vote does not matter in the wake of whatever polls and prognosticators are saying. It absolutely does, and if you are registered to vote, then you need to get out and vote in Tuesday’s election.

The candidates in both of the aforementioned races have campaigned hard, but so have the opponents in what may be our area’s most interesting race. Republican Rep. Mike Kelly is seeking a fifth term in what is now the 16th Congressional District, but he’s looking at what appears to be his toughest re-election challenge so far from lawyer and former Marine Ron DiNicola of Erie.

With the district’s new boundaries, Democrat and Republican registration is practically even. Sure, Trump carried the day in 2016, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has poured more than $600,000 into the race to back DiNicola.

Although the 17th District

battle between Republican incumbent Keith Rothfus and Democrat Conor Lamb is being touted as one of the ones to watch by most observers, Kelly- DiNicola also could prove interesting. We urge local voters to make it so.

Here’s a recap of the races Lawrence County voters will see on their ballots: U.S. Senator: Bob Casey Jr., Democrat; Lou Barletta, Republican; Neal Gale; Green; Dale R. Kerns Jr., Libertarian Governor, Lt. Governor: Democrat — Tom Wolf, Governor; John Fetterman, Lt. Governor; Republican — Scott R. Wagner, Governor; Jeff Bartos, Lt. Governor; Green — Paul Glover, Governor; Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick, Lt. Governor; Libertarian — Ken V. Krawchuk, Governor; Kathleen S. Smith, Lt. Governor U.S. House, 16th District: Ron DiNicola, Democrat; Mike Kelly, Republican; Ebert G. Bill Beeman, Libertarian PA House, 9th District: Chris Sainato, Democrat; Gregory Michalek, Republican PA House, 10th District: Aaron Bernstine, Democrat/Republican; Darcelle Slappy, Green PA House, 17th District: Parke Wentling, Republican.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow. A list of county polling sites is available at // registration-and-elections-lawrence_county/ polling-locations/ Find your polling site, then get out and vote.

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