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If you think there is no reason for you to vote come November, think again.

Far too often we hear people say, “I can’t make a difference” and “my vote doesn’t count.” Often, people just throw up their hands and walk away when it comes to politics.

None of that should happen this year in Lawrence County, which very well could be one of the most important elections of the young century.

New Castle has entered into the exit strategy for Act 47. But, there are also three men looking to become New Castle mayor, and three men and one woman vying for a county commissioner seat.

Additionally, there are a group of people running for a spot on the Home Rule study committee that could very well alter New Castle’s way of government for years to come.

Not enough for you?

The city and county are desperately seeking a way to remove blight, as are many concerned citizens.

That is just one other aspect of this election because you, the voter, will determine who will be making those decisions come Jan. 1, 2020.

Jim Constant, Mark Elisco and Chris Frye are looking to claim the mayor’s chair at city hall. Each brings his own unique perspective to the electorate.

The same goes with county commissioner candidates Dan Vogler, Morgan Boyd, Tim Fulkerson and Loretta Spielvogel.

We encourage every voter to do their homework on these candidates. They all have been publicly available at various events in the city, and townships, over the past several months.

And, surely, there will be more upcoming public appearances as we inch closer to Election Day.

This is an interesting time for New Castle, and Lawrence County. The electorate should be engaged. The electorate should be diving into the issues and the ideals of the men and women running for office.

Voting is a right. It is your right to make your voice heard.

Come Election Day, exercise your right to vote and make your voice heard. 

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